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Family Tree Project

Henry and Hester Walton had five sons and two daughters: Willie; William; John; Robert; James; Mary and Sallie. We know that the three eldest sons left North Carolina between 1870 and 1876.
Willie went to Houston, Texas;
William went to Atlanta, Georgia;
and John went to Nashville, Tennessee.
Robert moved to Fayetteville around 1888 and Mary to New York a few years later.
James (Uncle Jim) remained in the Garner/Raleigh area and is fairly well documented. There is no information on Sallie.

Only one branch of our very extensive family tree has been explored.
The object of the Family Tree Project is to more fully develop the limbs on the known branch and trace back as many of the other branches as possible. While one person could dig out some of the information, when the whole family gets involved, the potential for a family tree in full foliage is a distinct possibility. Start with the simple stuff.

Where were you raised? That could give a clue from the dispersal of Henry’s sons.

Who is your earliest Walton relative you know of?

What year was that person born and what year did the relative died?

What family lore has been passed down?

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